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 Articles 'Aqeedah Qur'ân Hadîth Non Muslims New Muslims Worship Innovations Fataawaa Manhaj Learning Arabic Knowledge For Brothers For Sisters For The Youth Heart & Soul Family & Society Personality Current Affairs Groups & Sects Miscellaneous    [A+] [A-] Ahmed Deedat Videos  In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful  Ahmed Hussein Deedat (July 1, 1918 – August 8, 2005) was a Muslim writer and public speaker of Indian South African descent. He was best known for his numerous inter-religious public debates with evangelical Christians, as well as pioneering video lectures, most of which centered around Islam, Christianity and the Bible. He also established the IPCI, an international Islamic missionary organization, and wrote several booklets on Islam and Christianity which were widely distributed by the organization. He was awarded the prestigious King Faisal Award in 1986 for his 50 years of missionary work. One focus of his work was providing Muslims with theological tools for defending themselves against active Proselytizing by Christian missionaries. He used English to get his message across to Muslims and the non-Muslims in the western world.

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