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Jesus (Pbuh) and Muhummed (Pbuh) A Comparative Study

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This lecture was delivered in Bradford, U.K., on 11th August, 1988. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat: In 1986, the King Faisal Foundation awarded the King Faisal International Prize for SERVICE TO ISLAM, to a So...

Deedat on News – Doha TV – Muslim Mushrik Marriages

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Ahmed Hoosen Deedat (Arabic: احمد حسين ديدات‎ July 1918 – 8 August 2005) was a South African writer and public speaker of Indian descent. He was best known as a Muslim missionary who held numerous inter-r...

Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam with Swami Agnivesh (India)

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Another of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat's interesting lectures or debates from his travels in the mid and late 80s and very early 90s. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/al.mojadala Twitter : https://twitter....

Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour at Masjid Noor South “C” Nairobi

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Deedat's Kenyan Lecture Tour At Masjid Noor, South "C", Nairobi - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat In 1986, the King Faisal Foundation awarded the King Faisal International Prize for...

Islam and Christianity — Debate on SABC TV – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

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A debate by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. A debate on SABC TV (South Africa) between Islamic and Christian protagonists which leads to the chairman Bill Charmers to conclude that there is a greater accomodation for the foun...

Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles

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Al-Quran: A Miracle of Miracles - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/al.mojadala Twitter : https://twitter.com/Mojadala Google +: gplus.to/mojadala Flickr: http://www.flick...

Muhummed the Greatest

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Allah says in the Quran: "And indeed, you are of a great moral character." (Quran, 68:4) Why did Allah say that about him? Ahmad deedat talks about the last of prophets (Muhammad), peace b...

Debate: Is Jesus God? Ahmed Deedat vs. Erik Bock

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Pastor Erik Bock and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat debate the question in a congeal environment that brings forward some truths and admissions about the true nature and complexity of the long standing subject of Jesus’...

African Religion PURE Until White Man Touched Them!

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These are secret recordings of the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat which were recently discovered. They provide valuable insight into topics and issues which we are faced with on a daily basis. Ideal for anyone wanting to...

Deedat’s Encounter with Christian Missionaries – Full Debate

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A British and an American missionary engage in a lively discussion with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat - out to prove that the Bible is the final revelation of God. However, when Sheikh Deedat delivers his version of the stor...

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